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Mesmeric Collection of Indian Bangles in UK at Anayah Jewellery

Bangles have been an inseparable part of Indian married woman for a long time. A must-have adornment, it holds both religious and aesthetic significance. Bangles are round bracelets for women to be worn in one or both the hands. Indian Bangles set forms an important part of a woman’s traditional attire. One should buy bangles that not only look beautiful but are comfortable to wear. At Anayah Jewellery, we offer a wide range of Indian bangles sets that complement your dress and personality.

Indian Bangles and Indian Bangles Set: History and Styles

Being one of the oldest ornaments to be worn in the history of Indian culture, Indian bangles in gold or any other metal hold a special importance in the evolution of Indian jewellery. If we consider the old civilizations such as Harappa and Mohenjodaro, they present several pieces of evidence of bangles or kadas being one of the most popular jewellery pieces even then. Moreover, these were styled for both men and women. The bangles or kadas were created out of different materials such as gold, copper, bronze, and other metals and materials.

Over the years, they have become an essential part of an Indian bride’s trousseau with different designs and shapes. From delicate Filigree to marvelous Meenakari enamel work, Anayah offers some uniquely designed Indian bangles online to a wider range of audience across the world. Whether your taste is handpieces is antique or modern, we offer you best customised Indian bangles in gold and other popular metal. If you are looking for Indian bangles in UK, you can easily shop from us. We offer you a plethora of designs that are handcrafted to excellence, sparkling with crystal polki, zirconia, ruby stone, blue sapphires, pavé crystal, etc.

Stylish Indian Bangles Online on Anayah Jewellery

We offer a wide range of bangles and kadas to complete your look for a special event. We understand that every woman has a specific taste in jewellery and thus offer customisation services as per the requirement. Being one of the leading online stores offering Indian bangles in UK, we make sure we makes our clients feel happy. Our personalized approach includes a detailed consultation where we try to understand the mind of our customer, the colours of their outfit and other minor details needed to design a handpiece as desired.

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