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Explore the Latest Designer Indian Tikka Jewelry

An Indian adornment, the maang tikka is a beautiful headpiece that sits on the head with a small drop dangling on the forehead. Indian tikka jewelry forms an essential part of an Indian bridal ensemble that signifies the sacred union of her and her groom on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. As per yogic belief, the dangling design of the maang tikka rests on the seat of wisdom and prosperity.

All that is happening in the present times is experimentation with new designs, keeping in mind the old etiquettes of jewellery making. Women are conscious of their appearance more than ever and want to look their best for any occasion. Each one is looking for Indian tikka jewelry with a headpiece and earrings together that match her dress and personality equally.

Different Styles of Maang Tikka Jewelry Online

Before purchasing a maang tikka earring set, one should consider the shape of their face, the hairstyle and even the style and colour of their ensemble. One should also see how well the earrings and the headpiece complement each other. For example, a bride with a bold taste may go for large stone-studded beauties to flatter herself and make a statement. For someone who wants a blend of both traditional and class may go for single-stranded Indian tikka jewelry. Another popular style is passa that can be of fan shape, round, triangular, etc. The women of today who are looking for a perfect blend of elegance and style are matha pattis. Women with simpler taste prefer one-tier matha pattis while those looking forward to their big fat Indian wedding don a heavy multi-tier matha patti befitting the royal queens. Besides this, if one is searching for maang tikka jewellery, there is borla and side-swept style for you to explore for your special events.

Customised Maang Tikka Jewelry Online at Anayah

If you are looking for one-of-a-kind maang tikka along with stellar earrings, visit Anayah jewellery online to choose from a rich collection. Each headpiece and earrings along with are crafted with love and embedded with beautiful stones. If you want a different maang tikka jewelry, we would be delighted to take in your suggestions during a consultation in order to create the perfect piece for you. We promise undivided attention to all our customers. At Anayah, we care about your needs and strive to offer you an exceptional experience with customised jewellery.

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