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Stylish Nose Pins, Nose Rings and Indian Nose Chains

Wearing a nath or nose ring is essential for many would-be Indian brides on their wedding day. Many women continue wearing a nose pin even after the wedding as it is a depiction of them being married. There is enough evidence to suggest that these jewellery pieces were introduced to India sometime during the Mughal period. Whatever be the story of its being and beginning, wearing a gold nose ring and gold nose chain is still very important during important religious and festive events.

Choosing the Right Nath Jewellery

One should always remember that your face is the first part of appearance that draws the attention of the onlookers. Make them your doting fans by choosing the right style of nose rings, chains or nathni jewelry collectively. You need to consider the shape and size of your face to up your style game with jewellery. Here are some nose pin and ring styles according to the face composition:

Nose Jewellery for Round Face: One should wear a half-circle and curved nose ring to make the face thin and elongated.

Nath Jewellery for Sharp Nose: Go for a cashew shaped stylish Indian nose ring if you have a pointed nose. Moreover, these come in various interesting designs with pearls, valuable stones, kundan, etc.

Nose or Nathni Jewelry for Face with Prominent Jawline: If you have high and noticeable cheekbones, go for consistent full nose ring that will lend you a stunning look.

Indian Nose Chain for Heart-Shaped Face: If you are looking for nose ring to complete your bridal look, then go Indian gold nose ring and complement it with a gold nose chain. This added-on embellishment draws away attention from your the wide nose and temple.

Nose Bling for Little or Small Face: Keep it simple with gleaming small studs in any precious metal or precious or semi-precious stones for your petite face. Another style for an an edgy look is wearing little half loops.

Buy Gold Nose Chain and Nose Jewellery from Anayah

Anayah offers you nose jewellery that is perfect blend of tradition and style. Each piece of the Indian nose ring and Indian nose chain collection is so incredibly designed that it can melt away a million hearts. Besides the designs already available online, Anayah also offers your customisation services where you are given individual attention. At Anayah, we want to understand your personal choice and recommend and design accordingly.

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