Types of Jewellery to Dazzle in This Wedding Season

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  • December 6, 2018
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Types of Jewellery to Dazzle in This Wedding Season
Jewellery has a deep connection not only to the heart of an Indian woman but has great traditional significance as well. An indispensable part of the Indian bridal ensemble, it perfectly complements the bold yet feminine qualities of every Indian woman. An essential part of the 16 Bridal Adornments, jewellery hold an immense significance for an Indian bride and is a strong reflection of her personality and style. From the maang tikka, haar, jhumkas to sarpech, angoothi, nath, every element of Indian jewellery glorifies a woman’s indomitable spirit and her natural elegance.
Because of its sense of purity, its economic value and shimmery nature, gold jewellery has forever been a favourite across Indian households. Through ages, craftsmen have been making gold jewellery in different designs and patterns to please the hearts of many. Recently, other types of metals, gems, crystals, etc. have grabbed the attention of Indian brides and their entire entourage. Women are repeatedly experimenting with new jewellery styles in diamonds, white gold, platinum, Swarovski and much more. Nevertheless, there is also the enduring thirst to go back to the roots and redefine the sense of beauty with old traditional motifs.
Below are some types of jewellery are making waves with the upcoming brides and their girl besties alike.

1) Kundan Jewellery
Feel no less like a queen wearing Kundan jewellery. This style of jewellery befits women that exude royal charm and have an invincible personality. Kundankari was first discovered during the Mughal period and slowly, it penetrated the Rajasthani culture where it received acceptance and glorification like no other. One of the most expensive jewellery types, Kundan jewellery is made from 24-carat pure gold and is studded with gems, precious and semi-precious stones.
2) Meenakari Jewellery
Explore the beauty of eye-popping colours like blue, pink, yellow, green, red, white and more against a gold or silver base and studded precious stones. Meenakari is a Rajasthani style of ornament-making where the above-listed heat-proof colours lend a unique look even when being paired with some very familiar and conventional metals and materials. Meenakari looks chic and fashionable along with both Indian traditional and western attire. Adorn this elegant style of Indian traditional jewellery with enchanting motifs of flowers, peacocks, paisley also on the reverse side at times. A jewellery type that looks gorgeous worn either way.
3) Jadau Jewellery
Also inspired by the Mughal Era, Jadau is another type of traditional jewellery that has left a strong impact on Indian culture and continues to influence the fashion sensibility of women across the globe. Gems, beads, stones are directly embedded in melted gold, thus cutting out the use of an adhesive. If one is looking for authentic Jadau jewellery, Bikaner, Jaipur and Gujarat are the ideal locations to explore.
4) Pachchikam Jewellery
Originating in the Gujarat and Kutch region, this jewellery has dainty glasswork and uncut semi-precious stones. Highly popular today, this age-old, rustic style of jewellery was once adorned by the European royalty. One of the reasons was the intricate artwork that came out as a work of hard labour. With base metal as silver, it is an enticing jewellery style for those tired of wearing gold jewellery. The use of silver also makes it more cost-effective.
All these types of jewellery can help brides achieve a coveted look for their special day. With a plethora of sleek yet sensational designs for the bride, her girlfriends and sisters, team bride is set to sizzle. Don’t forget to celebrate your individuality this wedding season by wearing these stunning styles that tie you to both trends and tradition.

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